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AH: Antihelix


The Antihelix mirrors the upside-down spine and is divided into five sections: Cervical Vertebrae, Thoracic Vertebrae, Lumbar Vertebrae, and Coccyx Point. Beginning at the base is the Cervical Vertebrae which occupies ⅕ of the Antihelix. The second section is the Thoracic Vertebrae, which is above the Cervical Vertebrae and occupies ⅖ of the Antihelix. The third and last sections are the Lumbar and Sacral Vertebrae, which each occupy ⅕ of the Antihelix. The Coccyx Point is the ending point.

All other points/organs in this zone are close to the spine. The Neck Point is level with the Cervical Vertebrae Point and Thyroid Point. The Chest Point is level with the Thoracic Vertebrae, Breast Point, Upper Back and Intercostal Areas. The Lumbar Vertebrae is at the approximate level with the Abdomen and the Lumbar Muscle Area. Finally, the Sacroiliac Joint Point is close to the Sacrum and Coccyx Point. The reverse imaging of the spine on the Antihelix makes memorizing the points quite simple and logical.