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Foot Taiyin - SP Channel


The Spleen channel originates at Yinbai (SP 1). It runs along the medial aspect of the foot at the junction of the red and white skin and ascends in front of the medial malleolus up to the medial aspect of the leg. It follows the posterior aspect of the tibia, crossing in front of the Liver channel. Passing through the anterior medial aspect of the knee and thigh, it crosses Zhongji (CV 3) and Guanyuan (CV 4) and enters the abdomen. Then passes through Xiawan (CV 10) to the SP organ and connects with the ST. From there it ascends, passing through the diaphragm at Riyue (GB 24), Qimen (LR 14), and Zhongfu (LU 1), and runs alongside the esophagus. When it reaches the root of the tongue, it spreads over its lower surface.

The branch from the ST goes upward through the diaphragm, and enters the HT, where it connect with the HT channel.

  • Epigastric pain, vomiting, belching, loose stools, fatigure, jaundice, abdominal distension
  • Stiffness and pain at the root of the tongue
  • Feeling of cold in the area medial to the knee and thigh
  • Governs transformation and transportation
  • Controls the ascending of Qi
  • Controls and makes Blood
  • Controls the muscles and four limbs
  • Opens into the mouth and manifests in the lips
  • Controls saliva
  • Houses the Intellect (Yi)
  • Root of post-heaven Qi, and the origin of birth and development
Special Points

Five Shu Points

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Ying Spring: 
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Jing River: 

Specific Points

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Specific Points

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