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Yinqiao Channel


Points of the Yinqiao (movement) channel include:

Paired Channel: 
  • Hypersomnia, nighttime epilepsy, lethargy, infertility, leukorrhea
  • Motor impairment of the legs, tightness and spasm along the medial side of the legs with the lateral side flaccid or atrophied, inversion of the foot
  • Lower abdominal, hip and genital pain, lower back pain
  • Habitual miscarriage, difficult labor, vaginal discharge, uterine bleeding
  • Influences the medial aspect of the legs, abdomen (only unilateral symptoms), and eyes
  • Regulates motion of the lower limbs
  • Controls Yin on the medial and lateral aspects of the body
  • Ascends Yin substances, inflences all Yin substances (Yin, blood, fluids, sweat, tears, and nodules)
  • Benefits the eyes
Special Points

Specific Points

Xi Cleft Point: 

Specific Points

Master Point: 
Coupled Point: