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Neixiyan (Ex-LE4)


This point is in the depression medial to the patellar ligament when the knee is flexed.

  • All knee problems including but not limited to knee soreness and pain
  • Leg pain, sorness, weakness or paralysis of lower extremities, arthritis or Bi zheng (painful obstruction syndrome) of the lower body
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Scabies
  • Convulsion
Contraindicated for moxa
  • Benefits the knee and legs

Perpendicular needling or thread the needle towards Dubi (ST 35), 0.5-1 cun. Moxa for 5-10 minutes. *Please note, direct moxa is contraindicated. In some ancient texts, regular moxa is also contraindicated.


This point is also known as Ghost Eye Point 鬼眼穴 as it can treat sudden fright in children. Press this point until the child leans backwards, thens stop.